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Our prosthetic solutions


We develop every device with the goal of improving both the quality of life and capabilities of the person who will be wearing it. State-of-the-art technology, traditional craftsmanship and decades of experience all ensure that this goal is achieved.



Running, hiking, swimming – and much more!


For our team, the capabilities and requirements of the customer are the critical factors in developing a prosthesis – and not technical feasibility and profit maximisation. We work closely with the amputee to develop tailor-made devices that not only make everyday life considerably easier, but also enable physical exercise and sport.

Trying on the prosthesis is a key part of the process – as much for the customer as it is for us. We provide an area of 150m² in which customers can thoroughly test their device, including long paths, adjustable inclines and steps.

Our services:

  • Prosthetic upper and lower limbs, including electronically controlled components
  • M.A.S. sockets
  • HTV silicon sockets
  • Waterproof prosthetic limbs
  • Prosthetic limbs for sport, e.g., jogging, hiking, swimming, dancing, Nordic walking, etc.

Our cutting-edge technology and experience get you to your goal

The use of state-of-the-art technology opens up new opportunities for wearers of prosthetic limbs. We ensure that we are always at the cutting edge of technology when it comes to electronically controlled joints, socket materials and manufacturing techniques. Our specialist knowledge of the industry complements our experience in the field, enabling us to find exactly the right solutions for every customer. For example, we are just as specialised in the use of electronically controlled joints such as C-Leg, Genium, PROPRIO, élan, Pilé and Rio, as we are in hydraulic and pneumatic joints and carbon feet.


We also have a 3D laser scanner which we use in the development of sockets and cosmetic prosthetics.